Know your options:

In California, there are a few insurance program options available, based on need and other factors. We will help you see if you qualify. Once you’re covered, our staff reaches out to you annually to help you renew.


Public assistance program. Free or low-cost based on person’s income and household size. Who qualifies: U.S. citizens, legal residents and some immigrants regardless of legal status.


For U.S. citizens over 65 who have worked and paid taxes. Cost varies based on the plan tier and supplement you buy, your income, your age, and where you live. Our enrollment team are certified Medicare agents and can enroll patients directly into a plan as part of our free enrollment services.

What is the Sliding Fee Discount Program?

It is a program that may offer you a discount on your medical bill. The discount percentage is based on federal income guidelines. This means patient eligibility is determined by annual income and family size. You can apply for a discount even if you have health insurance.

Covered California

Affordable Care Act marketplace in California. Cost varies based on plan, annual income, age and where you live. Who qualifies: U.S. citizens and legal residents.

Sliding Fee Discount Program – Help is Available to Pay Your Healthcare Costs

At Celebrating Life Community Health Center, our patients’ well-being and access to quality health care is our number one priority. No patient will be turned away if they are unable to pay. We will work with you to make sure you and your family receive the health care you need. We offer self-paying patients a generous discount on their bill(s) through our Sliding Fee Discount Program.

How does the Sliding Fee Discount Program Work?

The program is designed to allow people to pay for health care services based on their ability to pay. Therefore, people making less money will pay less than people making more money. The Sliding Fee Discount Schedule is updated annually in accordance with Federal Income Eligibility Guidelines, which change every year.