'HOPE' $250,000 Pledge

Expanding into the most vulnerable neighborhoods with compassionate quality medical care:


  • Lift Up children and adults in Heart Health Screening
  • Lift Up struggling communities with Quality Medical Clinics
  • Lift Up youth and adults in Behavioral Health and Mental Wellness Services
  • Lift Up women in Neonatal Care
  • Lift Up children in Pediatric Care
  • Lift Up children and adults in Dental Care

‘Enhance Care Management’ $150,000 Pledge

Building a brighter future for your children:


  • Mentor Children in a safe and welcoming Community Youth Center
  • Mentor Children in new Friendships and Systems of Support
  • Mentor Children in civic engagement and opportunities to experience learning from others
  • Mentor Children to prepare and excel in college, vocational studies, and entrepreneurship

‘FAITH’ $50,000 Pledge

  • Teach Selfcare in Food and Nutritional Workshops
  • Teach Selfcare in Creative Art Therapy for little Kids, Teenagers, and College Students
  • Teach individuals in low-income communities to access medical care to Break the Chain of Poverty
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