Salud conductual

Support and skills to help you live a better life.


Feeling overwhelmed or even hopeless is something many people experience at times. However, you don’t have to go through it alone. The Behavioral Health team at Celebrating Life Community Health Center is here to provide support and help you find a more positive direction in life.
With specialized licensed clinical social workers (LCSW) available in pediatrics and adults/family practice, we are well-equipped to assist those from all walks of life. Our team is here to help you can gain new coping skills, improve your perspective, and receive the support need to build the life you desire.

More Than the Physical

Comprehensive care goes beyond addressing just physical health. Our well-being is interconnected, and emotional factors such as stress, anxiety, depression, or anger can impact our physical health. Similarly, when we are unwell, it can take a toll on our emotional state. At the heart of whole person care is the uplifting of both mind and spirit, alongside addressing physical concerns. By participating in this approach, you can acquire practical skills to propel you forward in life, fostering a sense of positivity and hope. This, in turn, can lead to improvements in various aspects, including your work situation and relationships.

What’s Got You Down?

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Alcohol/Substance Abuse
  • Isolation
  • School Stress

When personal life and emotional states get in the way, our Behavioral Health services give you the tools to get beyond these barriers. Whatever you’re struggling with, we are here to help.

Individual Therapy: One-on-One Support.

What aspirations do you have for your life? What aspects are going well, and what are the challenges you’re facing? Engaging in one-on-one sessions with a trained counselor allows you to address all your concerns openly, leading to the practical solutions and ultimately a better life.

If you’re experiencing feelings of depression, anxiety, or anger, there are behavioral strategies available to build a more positive outlook. Often, it proves beneficial to delve into underlying issues that may be affecting you, even if you aren’t fully conscious of them. Rest assured, everything discussed during the sessions remains completely confidential, giving you the freedom to express yourself openly.

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Terapia cognitiva conductual
CBT is a psycho-social intervention that aims to reduce symptoms of various mental health conditions, primarily depression and anxiety disorders. CBT is one of the most effective means of treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders.
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
EMDR therapy is a mental health treatment technique that involves moving your eyes a specific way while you process traumatic memories. EMDR’s goal is to help you heal from trauma or other distressing life experiences.
Terapia dialéctica conductual
DBT is a type of cognitive behavioral therapy that tries to identify and change negative thinking patterns and pushes for positive behavioral changes. DBT may be used to treat suicidal and other self-destructive behaviors.
Terapia de juego
Helping children to find their voice, play therapy is a form of counselling in which play is used as a means of helping children express or communicate their feelings.
Terapia para niños y adolescentes
Mental health affects people in all walks of life. That’s why we have a team of therapists to guide and support you no matter where you are, at any age.
Tratamiento de la ansiedad y la depresión
No one should have to endure the burden of depression and anxiety alone; we are here to provide support.
Terapia de trauma
Our team comprises expert specialists with extensive training in trauma therapy.
Spiritual Counseling with a Focus on Healing
Welcome to our Behavioral Health Department’s Spiritual Counseling service, where we believe that healing is a journey that can be deeply enhanced by spirituality and faith. At Celebrating Life Community Health Center, we offer a unique approach to mental health and well-being that integrates spirituality as a central component of the healing process.

Our Approach to Spiritual Counseling:

  • Holistic Healing: We view the human experience as a holistic journey that encompasses mind, body, and spirit. Our approach aims to address all aspects of well-being.
  • Client-Centered: Every individual’s spiritual journey is unique, and we honor and respect each client’s belief system, allowing them to lead their own exploration.
  • Professional Counselors: Our experienced counselors are trained to integrate spirituality into evidence-based therapeutic practices to support you on your path to healing.



Why Choose Spiritual Counseling at Celebrating Life Community Health Center:

  • Emotional Resilience: Discover emotional resilience and coping strategies rooted in your spiritual beliefs.
  • Inner Peace: Achieve a sense of inner peace, purpose, and balance in life.
  • Holistic Well-being: Experience an integrative approach to mental, emotional, and spiritual health.