Testimonios de Pacientes

War... It happened very suddenly. We heard the echoes of explosions in the night in 2014 when there was conflict in the Donetsk region, but we thought it was far away and would not reach us as it happened closer to the borders. It's still hard to comprehend that this can happen with a brotherly nation with whom we share so much, and where we have one daughter living in Moscow. We heard the news as it happened in February of 2022. My daughter and family immediately contacted us that we had to evacuate. How can we evacuate? We had a 2-story brick-built house with 6 rooms in the center of town and operated a local café which was popular for its menu. The co-owners were from other Russian speaking parts of Europe and Caucasus region; we had everyone visit our café, it did not matter where they were from. It was a very difficult twenty-four days from the time it was announced, to the time we arrive to the United States. Did we really have to leave? In the first several days as we lost power and gas, we had to improvise to stay warm. There were days it was -10 Celsius, we collected some bricks left outside, built a small pit, and used the wood from the parquet flooring to for firewood. The shelling and bombing continued through the nights, we did not sleep, went into makeshift safe bomb shelters, and remained there until they told us to come out. We were staying brave as it can all end any minute, but we were really scared for our grandchildren and the young kids around us. When we had the opportunity to go check on our café, we found that the marauders stripped all the metallic material and copper wiring from the walls, ceiling, and lighting. All the work we put in and all the money we invested in this place, it was sad to see. We understood it was time to leave and joined those who were waiting for the convoys to leave for the next safe point in Zaporizhzhia and Vinnytsia. This took about 9 days of travel as the convoys would stop along the road to sweep for mines, remove live hidden mines and then place new ones behind us to protect us from Russian troops that may be following us. There were long periods of waiting in cold weather, standing with nowhere to sit, some people ran out of patience and took travel matters upon themselves. One young lady who left with her young child in the early morning was later seen down the road, blown up by one of the hidden mines. It was a long journey, getting to Poland was a great relief. It was great affect on our physical health as we did not rest, we were stressed, we did not know what is next. Now we are here, there were many nights we could not sleep. We had a 6-room house, we were doing okay... Here we stayed in rooms with family, this had a great effect on our mental wellbeing. Sleepless nights, waking up crying from dreams, dreams about our home, our beautiful brick house we loved and the life we had. Now gone.

We are very fortunate and grateful to our daughter as well as my husband's brother `{`…`}` those who aided us with little things like tea to stay warm while we waited in the cold for mines to be cleared. The Polish family who helped us with shelter when we crossed the border. For the resources provided to us: for Sergey (Founder & CEO) to help us with accommodations, the staff, and Brenda Nolen, who is an excellent care provider. Sergey and Brenda have been an especially helpful support system. We didn't know we could have help with our plan to obtain transportation services. Sergey helped us understand the resources available with our Medi-Cal, which was great to know - we saved so much money going each way. Sergey is an amazing person; one time he stayed with us for about TWO HOURS making sure we understood everything and had all that we needed during our visit. He was so committed to helping us. We really appreciate the patience with translations. Everyone is friendly, accommodating, and cares about us when we are here for an appointment. We are fortunate to have so much help and willing people.

Familia de Refugiados Ucranianos
Enero 2023

La Sra. Katie Lamming es muy profesional, comunicativa y me ha ayudado inmensamente. Ella es un activo para su práctica. Espero que ella pueda verme a mí y a cualquier otra persona que necesite terapia durante mucho tiempo. Su ayuda no tiene precio. ¡Gracias!

Junio 2023

Somos pacientes nuevos y todo se manejó muy bien, con tanta cortesía y estábamos en un estado urgente debido a la universidad, ¡usted pudo adaptarse y ayudarnos a pasar el proceso a tiempo para cumplir con los plazos del collage! El doctor fue fantástico y mi hijo se sintió muy muy cómodo hablando con él. Definitivamente le daría a su compañía una A++. ¡Gracias!

Junio 2023

Estoy muy complacido con mi último encuentro con Celebrating Life Community Health Center en todos los frentes. La Dra. López es increíble y espero seguir con ella los resultados de mis pruebas y las referencias. Es una médica experta y cariñosa. La ayuda de estacionamiento $$ es muy apreciada y la apariencia general de las actualizaciones en sus instalaciones han creado una atmósfera muy profesional y cómoda. Bien hecho. ¡Mi familia de 4 son todos pacientes allí y lo serán en el futuro!

Junio 2023

Todo fue increíble. La Dra. Heshmati y su personal se han ocupado de mis hijos durante muchos años.

Mayo 2023

Just a really positive staff and answer questions well, and a great visit. This is how it should be with a doctor. I was very happy with everything.

July 2023

I love Dr. Rose as my general practitioner. The staff is friendly and competent. The location is great and the parking lot is perfect because it’s right next to the office -- no need for parking validation, no long walk or elevator ride like so many of my past Doctor offices.

July 2023

Sólo he tenido experiencias positivas con el personal de Celebrating Life Community Health Center. ¡Ellos van más allá para asegurarse de satisfacer nuestras necesidades!

Oct. 2022

The lobby was very nice, neat and well organized. I was greatly very promptly by the young lady working the desk. She offered me a seat and I enjoyed some music. I waited less than 5 minutes in the lobby and was taken back to my exam room. The tech was very sweet and made conversation with me while she prepared the room for the doctor. Exam room was neat, tidy and appeared in excellent order. After a less than 5 minute wait, the doctor came in to meet with me and begin my procedure. I was comfortable, relaxed and experienced little to no pain or discomfort. Prior to leaving, I was provided with all referral info that I need for a specialist visit. I was in & out in under an hour! Definitely would recommend.

Junio 2023

Todas mis necesidades fueron satisfechas y el personal fue amable y está bien capacitado; sentí que me cuidaban y me tranquilicé mucho después de descubrir que puedo atender todas mis necesidades en un solo lugar: médicas, dentales y de salud mental... ¡Es raro encontrar tal comodidad!

Dic. 2022

Soy un nuevo paciente aquí y la atención que me brindaron fue excelente. No he sentido o recibido la misma atención en ningún otro lugar. ¡Estoy feliz de estar aquí y de venir a mis futuras citas a este centro!

Ago. 2022